Italy – Rome


A place I want to visit in Italy is Rome.  I want to got to Rome because there is a lot of tourist attraction like the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum and the Vatican Museums.  There is also really good restauraunts called La Pergola, Armando al Pantheon and Ristorante Crispi.  A really important food in Rome is pasta.  Some desserts are gelato, ricotta cannoli and tiramasu. In Rome a lot of people wear jeans, skirts, dresses and stuff like that.  I also like the soccer teams Italy and Rome. My favourite soccer player from Italy is Andrea Pirlo.  But he retired.  And my favuorite player from Rome is Alessandro Florenzi. I like these players because they are really good and they are both Italian soccer players.  These are the reasons why I want to visit Rome.

Botanical Garden and Migration Museum

Botanical Gardens

 On the 25th, September 2017 the year 3/4 unit went on an excursion the Botanical Gardens and the Migration museum.  My class went to the Botanical Gardens first and then we went to the Migration Museum.  First we had brain food and then the tour guide came.  Her name was Karen.  She took us to different trees that the aboriginal people used to survive.  The last tree she took us to was called a bottle tree. It was called a bottle tree because it was shaped like a bottle and it had water in it.  It was my favourite tree.  I saw a dead rat near the bottle tree. It was disgusting.  I also liked a tree called the Pine tree.  It was called the pine tree because there is big pine cones on it.  And sometimes you can see a white snow owl.  But we couldn’t see it.

Migration Museum

After that  we walked to the Migration Museum. It was a long walk.  When we got there we all sat on the floor and waited for our tour guides.  The class split up into two groups.  I wasn’t with any of my friends. My tour guide was David. I don’t know what the other tour guides name was.  First David showed us a map of Australia and all of the Aboriginal mobs.  After that he took us into a room.  It looked a bit like a cabin in the First Fleet ships.  The last thing he took us to was a room that used to be a place for poor people.

After that the whole class walked back to the Botanical Gardens and had lunch. After lunch everyone had a play for about half an hour and then the buses came. Then everyone got their bags and then walked to the bus in a line.  We all got on the bus and went back to school.  When we got back to school it was home time.  It was a good excursion

My Favourite Animal

                                                        My Favourite Animal 

My favourite animal is a dog.

Classification- Dogs are mammals.  They are from the canine family.

Description- Some dogs have small tails and some dogs have long tails.  They have four legs, a nose, two ears, two eyes and a tail.

Habitat- Domestic dogs live with humans.  Wild dogs live in forests, beaches, mountains and many other places.

 Diet- Dogs eat raw meat and raw bones.

Behaviour- Dogs like to bark, chew things, run around and sleep.

Life Cycle- Dogs live to around 10 – 13 years.

Other Interesting Facts- There are more than 150 dog breeds.  An adult dog has 42 teeth.  


The Bad Guys!

The Bad Guys!

Hi, I’m Domenic.  I like reading The Bad Guys.  The Bad guys is a series. The first book i read was episode 4.  I borrowed it from my school library. After reading the book I really liked it so i got episode 1, 2, 3.  And then from the lucky book club I got episode 5.  The characters in the book are Mr. Wolf, Mr. Shark, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Snake and Legs, but Legs is not in episode 1.  My favourite characters are Mr. Piranha and Legs.  I also like Mr. Shark.

I also like the book Tint Timmy but Ilike the Bad Guys better because the Bad Guys is very funny.  These are the reasons why I like the Bad Guys.   

My Fun and Awesome Holiday

In the holidays I went to Julian’s dad’s farm.  First we cleaned the shed and then we went on the tractor and rode around the farm.  We saw two small kangaroos and one big red kangaroo.  The big red was huge!  Julian and I both got a chance to drive the tractor.  After that, we drove the tractor back into the shed and we went home.

I also went to the ARC with Julian and his cousin Fiore.  First we did basketball for about twenty minutes and then we did swimming.  After that we went to Wokinabox for lunch.

I went to latitude with Julian, Jesse and Fiore.  We had a fight with some kids.  It was funny.  We had subway before we went to latitude.  The subway was so yummy.  That was my fun and awesome holiday.

Book Week

Book Week!

 On Friday the 25th of August 2017 the the school had to dress up as there favourite character from a book to celebrate book week.  I went as a coach from the book Tiny Timmy.  My name was Coach Roach.

In the morning the school had a book parade.  Each class walked around the running track showing the other classes there costumes.  Some people had really good costumes.  When the classes went around the track I saw some awesome costumes.

My friends went as soccer players.  My friend Jesse went as an Arsenal player and Julian went as a Barcelona player.

My favourite costume was a big red dog.  I also liked my sister’s costume.  She dressed up as a tiger.

During the week my class read some book week books.  We read Fabish the Horse who braved the fire, Go home Cheeky Animals, Out, The Patchwork bike and the Gigantic book of Genes.

After the parade my class had photos with there book.  we also had a class photo.

My favourite that we read was the Patchwork Bike because after we read the book the class had to design there own vehicle using recycled materials.  I made a scooter.

It was so much fun!

Sports Day

Sprints and Hurdles

When we got to santos stadium the classes put their bags on the chairs and went to the running track to do the health hustle and the team chants.  After the the chants, the Reception class to the Year 7 class did sprints and hurdles.  I came second in both of the races.

Shot Put

When we did shot put I came first.  It was really fun, but the shot put ball was really heavy.

Baton around the World

Baton around the world was so much fun because you have to run around the other teams.  And when  you ran back to your team, you have to pass the baton to the next person in your team.  Yellow came first, red came second, blue came third and green cam fourth.

400m race

At the end of Sports Day, the year 3 to year 7 students did 400m and reception to year 2 did 200m.  When the Year 4 students did the 400m race I came first!

Should our school have a uniform?

Should our school have a uniform?

I think our school should not have a uniform.  These are some reasons why.

Firstly, the summer uniform and the winter uniform are uncomfortable because when you play soccer or football it is hard to run in and it is hard to kick the ball in the summer and winter uniform shoes.

Secondly, The uniforms do not keep you warm on a cold day especially the summer uniform because the tops are really thin.  The jackets keep you a little bit warm but not that much.

Thirdly,  If you are walking home in your uniform someone could see the name of the school and then they know were your school is.  Also if you make a youtube video in your uniform and someone that you don’t know looks at your video and looks at the name of your school they can come to the school and take you or do something bad.

Lastly, if you want to wear a hat from home and not your school hat you are not allowed and with your winter uniform you have to wear a tie.

In Conclusion, These are the reasons why I think we should not have school uniforms.  Bye:)

Bucket List

Bucket List

Become a professional soccer players.

Be one of the fastest soccer players in the world.

Ride a horse.

Fly a helicopter.

Buy a private jet.

Hit the crossbar 5 times in a row.

Meet the F2 Freestylers.

Go sky diving.

Buy 4 dogs.

Go to Italy.

Learn how to speak Spanish.

Go on a cruise.

Hold a koala.

Go to the snow.

Get a Rolex.

Buy a Porsche.

Buy a Ferrari.